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Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

Since the Inauguration I feel almost happy, almost normal. It’s caught me unawares. I thought I’d never breathe easy again. But old Joe Biden is pulling it off. He’s actually competent. Trump and his allies are not gone by any means, but they have taken one on the nose. Maybe America can bounce back from Trump. The alt-right “revolutionaries” who crawled out from under their rocks can now crawl back under again. The Inauguration ceremonies were a pleasure to watch. The institutions held up. The government did a magnificent job. I almost feel proud to be an American. Now, if only they could deliver the vaccine as well as they arranged the Inauguration. ….


This Land Is Made for You and Me

3 responses to “Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along”

  1. It sounds like they are starting to get a handle on the vaccines in the US. We, on the other hand seem to have been cut off by Pfizer. No vaccine for you!!! That will teach us to have more affordable insulin than you.

  2. I’m genuinely pleased that American politics can, at least, go back to some sense of ‘boring’ normalcy. It all feels a little like Al Capone going down for tax evasion rather than murder, Trump being hoist by his very own petard of his very own making just days before leaving office. What no one else could do to the man, he did himself. Fitting.

    But I still worry that the far right is far from gone. I notice that Ben Shapiro et al are more vocal than ever right now. I am surprised that there haven’t been more sustained riots. I do worry that forces are biding their time…

    1. You’re right. What I keep searching for is the legal term for multiplicity of offenses. Twitter may have silenced him a bit, but I think “boring” may not be applicable for a long while.

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